The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) has an international team of highly skilled professionals with profound knowledge of the region. EFSAS stands out in comparison to other Think-tanks due to its capacity to draw on excellent research conducted by its own academicians.


Eesti People to People

Eesti People to People (Eesti PTP), is a non-profit organisation registered in Estonia in 1997 and with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International (PTPI) NGO. The purpose of People to People aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. Eesti PTP is committed to enhance cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes. PTPI supports the basic values and goals of its founder, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri USA.


Asset-Based Community Development
Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which works with an approach that catalyzes change and development based on utilizing the existing gifts and capacities of people and their communities.


"Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e. V."
"Achieving More Together" is the motto of our Association

Our activities and projects will hopefully be a contribution to helping eliminate discrimination and inequality in society, education and in the world of work. Furthermore, we would like to achieve equal opportunities for everyone.
Discrimination and inequality due to gender, origin, age, health restrictions, insufficient education and qualification or other social factors should above all be combated in a sustainable manner by the promotion of lifelong learning, the support of affected people as well as by educational work. We would like to help promote mutual understanding and learning from each other as well as cooperation between the people in Europe.


JuBuK is non-governmental, non-profit organization which was founded in 2008. Since that time we organized a lot of national and international projects on the topics of bridge building, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, inclusion, interreligious dialogue, gender, migrants issues, intercultural dialogue, capacity building and leadership. The target group of our organization are young people with migrant background and minorities. Main activities: seminars and training courses, educational trips and local events. JuBuK is a member of Anna Lindh foundation and MasterPeace movement.


Pewobe g GmbH in Frankfurt (Oder)
is a registered organisation in the youth welfare service in Germany. The public accreditation has been done in Eisenhüttenstadt and in Frankfurt (Oder) in 1994 and 1996. Since then we are running several independent organisations which are all based on the federal law for youth and child service. This includes kindergartens, youth clubs, truants’ projects, assisted living for youngsters and the child emergency service as well as assistance for families in need.


“You in Europe” is a NGO based in Greece.

By developing programs and innitiatives that motivate young people and adults to involve in learning activities, support people with special needs in gaining access to education and integrate better in the society, and help volunteers to gain knowledge, help the community and obtain new skills. As an NGO active in the Erasmus+ program, since 2012 we offer opportunities to youngsters, adults, social and professional groups to develop themselves through non-formal education methods and “learning by doing” activities. “You in Europe” inspires active European Citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among Europeans, through


NGO “Development and Initiative”
is Ukrainian organization, which was founded in 2015, aims to promote active citizenship, sustainable development and borderless Europe, youth employment and entrepreneurship.
The main priorities of NGO:- promotion of youth participation, active civic position, leadership and ideas of democracy among young Ukrainians;
- digitalization of non-formal education and youth work recognition;
- spreading awareness of mobility opportunities and building up an active civic society via non-formal education projects;
- social inclusion and migrant youth adaptation, promotion of tolerance and diversity;
- media literacy and critical thinking skills development, prevention of extremism among young people.


“High on Life”
is a non-profit organization based in Calabria, Italy created by a pool of trainers, coordinators, leaders and volunteer with a huge previous experience in intercultural learning and international projects. “High on Life” is the feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest. Someone who is high on life can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won't let any random thing ruin his or her day. So our main aim is to create this “felling” on most of european youth, let them understand how amzing life is!


Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS)
is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization with the mission of promoting physical activity, intercultural understanding, solidarity, environmental protection and sustainability through sport-based non-formal education.
Starting in 2014, we developed our activities as an informal group of young people under the name of the International Sport Association of Budapest (ISAB). In December 2017, we were registered as a not-for-profit association by the court of Budapest (Hungary).
The primary goal of our organization is to advance participation in grassroots sports activities and support the development of healthy attitudes among young people regardless of their origin and social status. The secondary goal is to bring people together through the shared passion for sports and physical activity, therefore, our motto is “building bridges through sport”.

Czech Republic

is non-profit non-governmental organization founded by young people for young people in 2007. Our main aims and activities are informing and raising awareness of the European Union and its educational programmes; promoting self-fulfilment and personal development of young people through educational programmes of the European Union and developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and active European civil society.


promotes the value of voluntary work for immigrants in Finland through providing information and guidance in Arabic, English, Russian and Estonian.


The European Forum for Youth with Lived Migration Experiences represents 35 member organisations based in 16 different EU Member States and more than 100.000 Y.R.E.M.A.S.U.D. (Young Refugees, Exiled, Migrants, Asylum Seekers & Undocumented). This is the first-ever European self-representative structure for organisations led by young people with lived migration experiences. VOICIFY develops the capacities of its member organisations, and advocates for their rights and interests at the European and International level.


MOH – Mobility Opportunities Hub
is a sociocultural association in Bari, whose aim is topromote mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work. Our goal is both to promote opportunities for youth mobility, encouraging personal and professional growth, and to activate socio-cultural initiatives, in order to bring an added value to the territory.


The foundation “ORNAMENT”
was established in 2020 by the group of enthusiasts working with different groups of people. We noticed the form of nongovernment organization can be even more efficient than a pubic body by individual approach, voluntary services, and non-formal method of acting. The members were skilful and experienced by their professional occupation and collaboration with many local and regional stakeholders. The broad verity of target groups includes:  kids, youth, women, disable persons, unemployed ones, addicted ones, seniors,  all in need.  We also work to prevent the difficult life situation. That why we promote and implement in our society the new methods of social and professional activation, self-development, cultural awareness, civil engagement, sense of entrepreneurship.


Asociación Juvenil Almenaras (Almenaras Youth Association)
is a young organization which is trying to involve all the youngsters of the Axarquía (a rural region in Malaga, Spain) in activities, projects and programs that allow them to develop their skills and take advantage of the existing opportunities for the youth. The main objective of our organization is to increase the feeling of European citizenship of the youngsters of our region. It is a really rural area with plenty of little towns in which we, the young people, have a really high lack of opportunities. That is why in 2016 our team set up the association with this objective: to bring these opportunities to our youngsters.


Youth for Society
concentrates its efforts on activities with focus on the development, support and reinforcement of the counselling, informing and forming processes of youth in a European context. The goals will be meet by non-formal educational mechanisms of creating the favorable environment in the communities of young people for the enhancement of their personal and professional performance. Furthermore, their needs will constantly be identified and fulfilled through a chain of sustainable activities. Also, we organize trainings/ seminars and youth exchanges under Erasmus+ program and cooperate with youth associations from Europe and Caucasus.Our organization was officially founded in 2013 and since that period we have actively worked on development of youth participation, support them to improve their social/ civic skills and became proactive in our society.


Support Youth Leaders
Jordanian organization founded in 2015 created to support and development of activities on the local, national and international levels in the area of non-formal education, using free time, cultural-social and volunteering practice for the community of youth people and its alignment to the objectives of the EU Agenda 2030. Our mission is to support and raise the education level of young people from different social groups, help youth achieve their goals, unite active youth together, and create better conditions for their experience and knowledge exchange.


Toulouse Youth Network
develop international mobility and intercultural dialogue through events, formal and non-formal education at a national and international level. They engage in various areas to promote, foster and strengthen the following areas: - Protection of the environment - Access to and involvement in cultural and sport events - Promotion of cultural exchanges - Active citizenship - Emancipation and autonomy of youth - Involvement of disadvantaged young people - Social and professional integration - The equality of chances - Defence of human rights TYN has the main objective to involve more youth from different backgrounds to give them more opportunities all around the world to help them. They are fostering young people to utilise their voices in topics related to environment, cultural heritage and human rights. Through this encouragement, they are aiming to create great leaders from the new generation for our world.




located, South East of Turkey. We believe that the future of the society is shaped according to the skills and approaches of today's young people. With this belief, our association is trying to create a youth policy which aims to compensate young people including the ones who have economic, educational, social, physical and geographical obstacles. This policy aims to make applicable projects, apply and sustain them all around the country in order to reintegrate disadvantaged young people who are defined above to society and compensate them.


is non-governmental non-profit organisation established in Nice, France in 2015 for the following aims:
1). Foster intercultural understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity through non-formal educational approaches. MITRA's mission is to create awareness among people about their role in the society and instill skills for them to act in a positive and constructive way. The organisation aims to develop innovative educational approaches addressing diversity for inclusive education.
2). Popularize media and art skills by providing regular trainings for people in different age. MITRA's objective is to help people to build an understanding of the role of art and creativity in society as well as essential skills of self-expression. The organisation aspires to enhance Information and Communication Technologies uptake in teaching and learning and use ICT.
3). Promote media and visual arts and increase level of digital competence among people with fewer opportunities: unemployed, youth, people in age 50+, women, ethnic and national minorities, migrants, refugees, low educated and people without professions and also general public. MITRA's objective is to enhance artistic creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship and increased employability in the European labour market and beyond.