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Best Experience With Copenhagen Youth Network


Anna Delmonte

It all began in June 2022. It was my first Erasmus+ Project and it was the first time for me going out of my comfort zone and it was totally the best choice I ever had. Erasmus Plus Project opened my mind and my heart into the beautiful and different cultures all over the world. It helped me to turn off the world of social media in order to talk face to face with all the young people that where next to me. I listened to their stories and backgrounds and it was so stimulating and exciting. I discovered myself, and now I feel stronger. Denmark was the magical place where everything happened and now I feel that my heart is still there in the middle of that beautiful country. I had the chance to be there for 4 times and that was possible just thanks to the Copenhagen Youth Network. Thanks to their work, their dedication and passion I had the opportunity to meet more than 100 people who I can now consider friends and with whom I am still in contact. The Erasmus Plus Project’s world is a magical “place” where to know more about yourself and about many different topics.
Run to find it out!


Elisabetta Colitti

How to describe my experience in Store Klaus? I would do that using my 3 E’s rule: Emotions, Experiences and Energy. Last summer was one of the best of my life. I had the opportunity to meet some crazy life stories, to try new activities and learning a lot.
Best part: cultural nights . Each evening we had the opportunity to discover new interesting facts about the participating countries through music, food, games and traditions. I traveled to more than 10 countries through the stories of my fellow travelers. The connection that was created between us is something unexplainable. For me store klaus is a second FAMILY

Czech Republic

Antonie Myslivečková

For me CYN is like a second family. I have been to three different projects with them in Denmark, and of course I consider them as some of the best I’ve participated in. I want to highlight the professional approach of all the members, but what I appreciate the most is the personal input of each one. I got some great friends and also a lots of experience in these projects.


Roberta Risso

I did my first project with Copenaghen Youth Network in June 2022. It made me discover the fantastic and energetic world of Erasmus+ Exchanges. CYN is a wonderful organisation, after the first project I did other two projects with them and they were the best experience. It is a learning opportunity, to get to know not only people and culture from all over the world, but also to get in touch with yourself more.
Being immersed in the nature in the beautiful location of the projects allows you to be disconnected a bit from the outside world and focus on improving your skills and to make new friends more in depth.
The projects were a beautiful learning opportunity, organised in the best way possibile and with super competent facilitators!
I recommend everyone to take part in this kind of exchanges and in particular with CYN, it will make you grow and have fun in the best possibile ways!


Svitlana Kis

Copenhagen Youth Network gave me the most valuable experience and the most unforgettable time ever spent! 
My Erasmus+ youth exchange path began in 📍Denmark, Store Klaus🇩🇰 and I am really grateful for this, because here I have gained new knowledge, met a lot of beautiful people, expanded my horizons in many things and lived my best moments getting to know new cultures and spending lovely days and nights with wonderful participants from all around the world🌍 Coming to this place for three times helped me to discover another side of me, to open up myself, to become more confident, I even had a chance to join a facilitating team and to see how it is on the other side – and it is not easy work at all! That is why everything that Halmat Faradoin and the whole team do is even more precious to me!☺️
Words of endless gratitude from me to CYN and especially Halmat Faradoin will never be enough! Nevertheless, I would like to thank CYN for moments that will be etched in my memory forever and for the special people you bring together, with some of them we have special bounds, we have even become like a real family!🫶🏼
Store Klaus stole my heart!❤️It is the place I will always be happy to come back and I will for sure! Thanks for everything and see you soon Denmark!


Mustafa cavus

This was not my first project. I was very excited to meet new friends and stay in scout cabin. I get very happy in places like this because I cut off my connection to the internet. socializing is better.
In the projects I participated in both alcohol and tourism, the activities were very useful and instructive, I am grateful to them.
Becide that Denmark was historical and beautiful..
Although it is not my first project, it still holds the 1st place among the projects I participated in later.


Tariq A. Shehadeh

“Not all days can be forgotten… Days in Copenhagen will last beyond forever.” My name is Tariq, and I participated in two projects run by Erasmus+ in Copenhagen, Denmark. Everything was amazing and well-organized. What attracted my attention the most is that youth can get the chance to enhance their skills and widen their experience. The organizers of the projects are both reliable and trustworthy. In addition, I felt that I could represent and reflect authentic ideas and facts about my country and correct false stereotypes about other countries. Finally, one shall never feel homesick because when participating in such projects, one is really at home.